Goalkeeper Agility Drills | 8 Drills To Get You Faster Now!

If you’re a goalkeeper who’s eager to take your game to the next level by increasing your speed and agility, you’ve come to the right place for some goalkeeper agility drills.

Agility is an absolutely vital skill for any goalkeeper out there, as it allows you to swiftly react to shots, pull off incredible saves, and maintain top-notch positioning.

These 8 goalkeeper agility drills are guaranteed to boost your agility and transform you into a faster, more nimble goalkeeper.

As a goalkeeper having a pair of goalkeeper soccer cleats that are lightweight and provide good traction is a great way to enhance your agility.

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8 Goalkeeper drills to improve agility and speed

These are the 8 best goalkeeper agility drills that will help you step up your keeper game!

Combined agility rectangle

a goalkeeper agility drill where the goalkeeper is performing, lateral hops, broad jumps, side shuffle and backward shuffle


The purpose of this drill is to work on relevant, explosive movements for goalkeepers

Set up:

  • 3 mini hurdles
  • 4 cones to make a 5-yard by 3-yard area

How the drill works:

Set your mini hurdles on hurdles on the 5-yard side closest to you.

The goalkeeper will then perform lateral hops (on one leg) until they get to the first cone, they will then perform broad jumps to the next cone.

While still facing the same direction the goalkeeper will side-step shuffle to the next cone and backward shuffle to the final and be back to where they started from.

Make sure to go around the square in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction.

Coaching points:

  • Focus on small quick steps while moving around the cones
  • Be explosive while performing the jumping and hoping movements
  • Keep your head and chest facing up and forward.

Press-up to hurdle jump

goalkeeper drill to improve agility


This is to help improve the time it takes for the goalkeeper to get up off the ground after making a save

Set up:

  • 2 mini hurdles
  • 1 cone

How the drill works:

Place the hurdles 2 yards apart and the cone 2 yards back from the middle.

The goalkeeper will start in the press-up position between the 2 hurdles and perform a press-up over either the left or right hurdle (make sure to alternate).

After jumping quickly backward shuffle toward the cone and get back into a press-up position.

Repeat this until you have performed 10 hurdle jumps on each side.

Coaching points:

  • Keep the movements as explosive as possible
  • Bend your knees when you land after jumping

Lateral cone slalom

A goalkeeper running through a cone slalom to improve their speed


The purpose of this goalkeeper agility drill is to improve a goalkeeper’s footwork

Set up:

  • 6 cones
  • 1 soccer ball

How the drill works:

Set up your cones in a straight line and turn so you are side-on to the cones.

While holding the soccer ball with your arms out in front of you slalom back and forth through the cones while facing the same direction.

Once you reach the end of the cone line, slalom back through until you get back to your starting position.

Have 30 seconds of rest and repeat this until you have completed 5 repetitions.

Coaching points:

  • Take quick sharp steps to help change direction
  • Stay on your toes for quick movements
  • Keep your core locked and engaged

Double-hand cone touch

A goal keeper working on their hand-eye coordination and their agility


The purpose of the goalkeeper agility drill is to improve hand-eye coordination and footwork skills

Set up:

  • 6 cones

Set up your cones in a straight line and turn so you are side-on to the cones, with the cones in front of you.

While facing the same direction this is the order you are going to touch the cones with your hands:

  1. Right-hand cone 2
  2. Left-hand cone 1
  3. Right-hand cone 3
  4. Left-hand cone 2
  5. Right-hand cone 4
  6. Left-hand cone 3
  7. Right-hand cone 5
  8. Left-hand cone 4
  9. Right-hand cone 6
  10. Left-hand cone 5

Now repeat the process with your left hand leading back to where you started, this is the new order:

  1. Left-hand cone 5
  2. Right-hand cone 6
  3. Left-hand cone 4
  4. Right-hand cone 5
  5. Left-hand cone 3
  6. Right-hand cone 4
  7. Left-hand cone 2
  8. Right-hand cone 3
  9. Left-hand cone 1
  10. Right-hand cone 2

This will count as 1 repetition and have 30 seconds rest before starting the next repetition.

Complete 5 repetitions in total

Coaching points:

  • Take quick shorts steps to help change direction more easier
  • Stay on your toes
  • Keep a low center of gravity to help with changing direction

Agility triangle and dive

A goalkeeper drill that works on quick sharp movements and diving


The purpose of this drill is to improve agility and diving

Set up:

  • 3 cones in a triangle shape (roughly 2 yards between cones)
  • 1 soccer ball

How the drill works:

Once you have set up your triangle, stand on one cone holding the soccer ball.

Start by dropping the soccer ball and moving around the triangle in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction while facing the same direction.

Once you completed the triangle dive on and collect the soccer ball.

Repeat this drill 5 times going clockwise and 5 times going anti-clockwise

Coaching points:

  • Combine short quick steps with a low center of gravity to move around the cones
  • Explode and accelerate into the dive
  • Place two, firm hands on the ball and bring it into your chest as quickly as possible

Quick feet into a dive

A goalkeeper is slaloming through a line of cones and dives to save a soccer ball


The purpose of this drill is to improve a goalkeeper’s, speed, agility, and explosiveness.

Set up:

  • 6 cones (in a line half a yard apart)
  • 2 poles (8 yards apart and 5 yards in front of the cones)
  • 1 soccer ball (placed just in front of 1 of the poles)

How the drill works:

Start in front of the 6 cones and go through them in a slalom fashion

Once you have gone through the cone slalom, sprint around the pole that does have the soccer ball in front of it, and dive across to the other pole to push the soccer ball away.

Coaching points:

  • Stay light on your feet, with small quick steps while going through the slalom
  • Accelerate out of the turns but decelerate leading up to the turns
  • Use your legs to propel you in the dive
  • When you dive your hip should make contact with the ground first

Diving repetition drill with a ladder

A goalkeeper going through and agility ladder and diving on a soccer ball


The purpose of this drill is to get as much repetition of explosive diving while improving footwork

Set up:

  • 2 cones 10 yards apart
  • 1 ladder that runs between the 2 cones
  • 2 soccer balls (placed on either cone)

How the drill works:

Start by standing on 1 side of the ladder facing forward and make your way through the ladder placing both feet in each section while facing forward.

After completing the ladder dive and place 2 firm hands on the soccer ball.

Once you have placed 2 hands on the soccer ball, leave the ball where it is, go back through the ladder, and dive on the other soccer ball.

Repeat this until you have dived 5 times on each soccer ball.

Coaching points:

  • Focus on quick, sharp steps through the ladder
  • Explode into the dive using your legs
  • Get yourself up as quickly as possible after your dive.

Lateral steps with a throw and catch

a goalkeeper agility drill performing lateral steps over mini hurdles then throwing and catching a soccer ball at a wall


The purpose of this goalkeeper agility drill is to improve foot coordination and endurance as well as hand-eye coordination.

Set up:

  • 6 Mini hurdles 1 yard apart (middle section should be 3 yards apart)
  • A wall
  • Soccer ball

How the drill works:

Start in the middle of the hurdles (In the 3-yard gap) with a soccer ball.

Throw and catch the soccer ball 5 times against the wall, then laterally step over the hurdle with both feet touching each section and back into the middle, where you will throw and catch the ball 5 times the wall.

Repeat this again but go to the other side, then back into the middle to throw and catch the ball 5 times against the wall.

You must hold the soccer ball the entire time while facing the wall.

This will count as 1 repetition (15 throws and catches in total).

Complete 3 repetitions with 30 seconds rest in between

Coaching points:

  • Lift your feet high enough to get over the middle hurdles
  • Focus on driving with your legs
  • Catch the soccer ball by making a ‘W’ shape with your hands.

Improving Agility As A Keeper | Conclusion

By incorporating these goalkeeper agility drills into your regular training routine, you’ve taken a massive stride toward becoming a quicker and more agile goalkeeper.

Remember, agility is a skill that demands consistent practice and unwavering dedication.

As you continue to work on these goalkeeper agility drills, pay close attention to your footwork, reaction time, and overall body control.

By committing to regular training, you’ll witness remarkable improvements in your agility, allowing you to pull off amazing saves and command your goal with incredible confidence.

So, keep pushing yourself, stay committed, and always look to be the best you can be!

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