The 7v7 Soccer Manual

Soccer Coaching Made Easy

A lot of coaches at the Grassroots level put in a huge amount of effort to help inspire the next generation of soccer players.

The majority of these coaches are volunteers, juggling a family, a career, and various other commitments. The time and effort coaches put into the team on and off the pitch is unmatched.

This is where the 7v7 Soccer Coaching Manual helps.

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30 hours of fun, easy to follow, structured session plans to help you develop the next generation of soccer players

Decision making

The best players make the best decisions. This is why 7v7 soccer coaching manual is specifically designed to promote decision making in players.

Game Day Management

No need to stress about warm-ups, tactics or formations. We have that sorted too!


Most frequent questions and answers
  • 20 planned sessions with equipment, timings, setup, coaching points, and questions
  • Fun, competitive, and engaging activity for the players
  • Gameday management (Formations, Tactics, Positions, and warmup)
  • Shared vocabulary  specific to soccer to help the coach and players link words quicker to ideas and concepts
  • Specifically designed sessions that are structured to enhance the decision making of players
  • Activities run without any input from the coach which means coaches can prioritize feedback to the players.

Highlights what the players need to be specifically looking at

An amateur athlete will look at a greater area when making a decision, however, take in less information. When compared to a professional athlete, the professional athlete looks at the smaller areas but is able to gain more information. This is because they have been trained to be efficient at looking and seeing.
Sessions create similar scenarios and patterns that will be present in a 7v7 game
Players will make faster and better decisions if they can identify similar  patterns and scenarios. Again, this isn’t achieved through line drills, it is achieved through allowing the players to play in a competitive setting, with slight setup changes and rule adaptations to encourage certain behaviors. All the sessions have a purpose.

Using shared vocabulary
Shared vocabulary is consistently using specific words and phrases that will link to a skill, idea, or concept. By using the same words consistently with the same group of players they will be able to quickly link those words to ideas, skills, and concepts without hesitation.
Session Structure

The structure of the 20 soccer sessions helps promote the recalling of information, which has stronger ties to remembering. The more effectively a player can recall information the better their decisions are going to be and the faster they are going to be.

What’s great about the program is that is perfect for a variety of ages and abilities at 7v7. The sessions are incredibly easy to understand, however through the setup and the rules implemented they still provide a challenge regardless of age or ability.

If you have a group of higher-level players the activity will naturally become more challenging for the players because of their speed, technical skill, and decision-making of those players.

Equally, if you take a lower-level ability team in the same activity it will still provide the same challenge but on the opposite end of the scale.


The great thing about being a coach is it is a continuous learning process. How I coach now is completely different from how I coached 10 years ago.

As we grow and develop so does our coaching philosophy.

If I feel that part of the manual is outdated or there is a new idea or concept that I feel will be beneficial to the owners of the coaching manual then I will update it.

I would be lying if I said the 7v7 Soccer Coaching Guide was the finished product!

That being said, if you have previously purchased the manual I will automatically send out an updated version at no extra cost.

The purpose of this guide is to help empower grassroots coaches.

I wanted to create the guide so that anyone who wants to get involved with grassroots football can without the stress and time consumption that goes on behind the scenes.

The guide is friendly for new coaches as well providing great content for more experienced coaches too.


Currently the guide is priced at $19.99

10 years of soccer coaching knowledge at your fingers tips