Adidas Predator History and Evolution

The Adidas Predator history dates back to the early 1990s when the first Predator was introduced to the market. This line of soccer cleats has been around for several decades and has become synonymous with precision and control on the field. Since then, the line has undergone several updates and iterations, with each new model … Read more

Adidas Adipure History And Evolution

Throughout the Adidas Adipure history, Adidas has wanted to ensure that this line was always able to give players a natural and responsive feel on the ball. The Inception of the Adipure was in late 2007, while their first boot release came in 2008. Adidas made sure to use high-quality materials when constructing the Adipures. … Read more

Adidas F50 History and Evolution

Throughout the Adidas F50 history, Adidas has gone above and beyond to develop the lightest and most customizable boots on the market. The Adidas F50 was a pioneer in the soccer boot industry for using innovative materials and manufacturing techniques. The focus was to improve the speed and performance of the players wearing them, with … Read more