How to stop a counter-attack in soccer

This post will help you understand what a counterattack is, the fundamentals of a team that can successfully prevent a counter attack, and show you a small-sided game that is designed to help your players stop a counter attack in soccer. I think most coaches will agree that conceding a goal on a counterattack is … Read more

10 soccer possession drills to make keeping the ball look easy

Coaching your team to keep possession of the ball is vital if your soccer team wishes to be successful, keeping possession of the ball will allow your team to create more chances, wear the opponents down and greatly reduce the number of opportunities the other team has to create goal-scoring opportunities. Use these soccer drills … Read more

Soccer Session For Breaking Lines To Go Forward

This soccer session for breaking lines to go forward will help your team find the ‘killer pass’ that can split teams wide open to go forward. Coaches often assume that the player on the ball has all the responsibility when playing these passes and to a certain extent that is true. However, teammates’ movement off … Read more

Soccer Session for Shielding the Ball

Shielding the ball in soccer is a valuable skill that is sometimes overlooked, this soccer session for shielding the ball will give players the confidence to be able to protect the soccer ball under pressure in a variety of different scenarios. These scenarios will range from shielding the ball from an attacker so the goalkeeper … Read more