Nike Hypervenom Phantom History and Evolution

The Nike Hypervenom Phantom history started in 2013 and was a line planned to take over the crown from the Nike Mercurial as the cleat that symbolized flair, speed, and agility.

The model’s evolution has changed the way offensive players approach the game and has established a new standard for soccer cleat performance and technology.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the history and evolution of the Nike Hypervenom Phantom line and how it managed to make its mark on the game.

Nike Hypervenom Phantom soccer cleat/boot timeline

This shows the Nike hypervenom phantom history with all the hypervenom phantom soccer cleat designs from 2013 to 2019

Nike Hypervenom Phantom (2013)

Lime green and black Nike hypervenom Phantom soccer cleat released in 2013

The first Nike Hypervenom Phantom to come in the series was released in 2013.

This soccer shoe design wanted to hone in on the agility and responsiveness of the cleat.

It had a focus on attacking players who use quick movements, skills, and changes of pace to get past defenders

One of the stand-out features of the Hypervenom Phantom was the NikeSkin upper.

NikeSkin is a lightweight and flexible material, that helps players gain a close-to-the-ball touch and feel.

The upper part of the cleat also had a textured surface for a better grip on the ball, allowing players better precision when controlling the ball, shooting, or passing.

This soccer shoe also has a split toe feature that provides great flexion in the forefront of the foot.

The stud pattern was designed in such a way that it was a great choice for firm ground and artificial pitches.

Nike Hypervenom Phantom II (2015)

Orange, silver and black Nike hypervenom Phantom II soccer cleat released in 2015

The Nike Hyper Venom Phantom II was the follow-up to the original model and it was released in 2015.

Nike built on the design, maintaining that focus of developing a soccer shoe for speed and responsiveness.

One of the biggest upgrades to the Hypervenom Phantom II was the introduction of FlyWire technology and synthetic mesh into the upper part of the cleat.

The incredibly lightweight material was placed in certain areas of the cleat to provide targeted support and lockdown of the foot.

However, the material in the upper was changed in 2016 back to the material used in the previous model.

This was over complaints that it was too stiff.

It would ensure that the foot stayed in place, even through sharp changes of direction.

The model also included Nike’s All Conditions Control technology, which would assist ball control in a variety of different weather conditions.

Nike also improved the grip texture on the top of the cleat and updated the soleplate too.

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Nike Hypervenom Phantom III (2017)

Turquoise and black Nike hypervenom Phantom III soccer cleat released in 2017

The Nike Hypervenom Phantom III was released in 2017 as the third iteration of the popular Hypervenom line.

One of the biggest changes to this model was the use of Nike’s trademark Flyknit technology and also including the Flywire technology too.

This allowed for a more comfortable fit and improved breathability for the foot, all while maintaining its lightweight feel.

The stud pattern was also readjusted to provide more speed and agility, while the soleplate also boasted a new lightweight and responsive material called Hyper-Reactive.

The dynamic fit collar also provided the player with a more secure foot lock-in than the previous model

There were 3 variations of the Nike Hypervenom Phantom III:

  • Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3 DF
  • Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3 GX
  • Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3 Low

Nike Phantom Vision (2019)

Black and orange Nike phantom vision soccer cleat released in 2019

The Nike Phantom Vision was part of Nike’s ‘Game Over’ Collection and a variation of the Hypervenom model line.

The model featured an introduction for the Ghost Lace system.

This provided a larger and cleaner surface to strike the ball with by concealing the laces.

The upper of the cleat was made with Flyknit and also featured an internal Quadfit mesh bootie.

The Quadfit mesh bootie allowed maximum comfort for the player while being able to easily slip the boot on and off.

The upper also featured Nike’s ACC technology which was used in previous models and incorporated a new texture system in the form of the Dynamic Fit Collar 2.0.

As well as using the Hyper-Reactive outsole, this model also coined a new stud pattern for use on firm and artificial ground.

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Nike Phantom Venom (2019)

Black and red Nike phantom venom soccer cleat released in 2019

The Nike Phantom Venom was also part of the ‘Game Over” Nike collection alongside the Phantom Vision.

This soccer cleat was a hybrid of the Nike Total 90 and Nike Hypervenoms.

Unlike the previous models in the Hypervenom, this model was designed to provide maximum shooting power and accuracy.

Similar to the Total 90, it had an asymmetrical lacing system and featured a ‘Power Strike Zone’ for cleaner contact with the ball.

This zone also featured specialized foam pods then enhanced the power of the ball when it was struck.

The upper of the Phantom Venom was manufactured with a textured mesh material.

It also featured Nike’s ACC technology.

Frequently asked questions about the Nike HyperVenom Phantom

Can the Nike Hypervenom Phantom cleats be used on turf surfaces?

Yes, you can use the Nike Hypervenom Phantom cleats on artificial turf, as well as other surfaces like firm and soft ground.

However, it’s essential to choose the right model that suits the type of surface you’ll be playing on.

This way, you can ensure that you’ll perform well and avoid injuries.

What professional players wear the Nike Hypervenom Phantom line?

Many professional soccer players wear the Nike Hypervenom Phantom line, including well-known names like Harry Kane, Marcus Rashford, and Neymar Jr.

These players are drawn to the line’s focus on striking and shooting, as well as its sleek design and advanced features.

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Are the Nike Hypervenom Phantom cleats suitable for wide feet?

Yes, the Nike Hypervenom Phantom cleats are generally a good option for players with wider feet.

However, the fit of the cleats may vary depending on the model and size. It’s always best to try them on or refer to the manufacturer’s sizing guide to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

Did Nike discontinue Hypervenom?

Yes, Nike discontinued the Hypervenom line in 2018 as part of a larger restructuring of their soccer cleat offerings.

The last Hypervenom Phantom Model was the Hypervenom Phantom III

While the exact reasons for the discontinuation of the Hypervenom line are not publicly known, it is likely that Nike wanted to consolidate and streamline their product offerings to better serve their customers and improve their market position.

However, they did release the Nike Phantom Vision and Venom, which took a lot of inspiration from the Hypervenom line.

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Is Nike Phantom Vision discontinued?

Yes, the Nike Phantom Vision and Venom were discontinued in 2020.

Although they shared similar traits this Nike replaced the Vision and Venom models with their new Nike Phantom GT line.

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