Indoor Soccer Shoes Vs Basketball Shoes | Best Guide

Indoor soccer (futsal) is a great alternative for soccer players to participate in either during their regular soccer season or their soccer off-season. Indoor soccer is played on a hardwood surface that is similar to basketball. So does this make basketball shoes ok to wear in indoor soccer (futsal)? This indoor soccer shoes vs basketball … Read more

Nike Total 90 History and Evolution

The Nike Total 90 history started in 2000. The Nike Total 90 line has been a soccer cleat favorite of players across the globe since its launch. Over the course of the years, the Total 90 line has continuously been upgraded and pushed technological advancements. What made this line stand out from other soccer cleat … Read more

Nike Tiempo History and Evolution

The Nike Tiempo history can be traced back to the 1980s when the company started experimenting with leather materials to create a soccer cleat that offered durability, comfort, and ball control. In the last 3 decades, it has become an iconic soccer cleat in the industry. It has been worn by numerous high-profile soccer players. … Read more

Nike Mercurial History and Evolution

The Nike Mercurial history started in 1998 with a story of how Nike’s innovation paved the way for modern-day soccer cleats and soccer shoe brands. Since its first release, the Mercurial brand has globally become one of the most iconic soccer cleats. This model was designed to be lightweight and streamlined to allow players to … Read more

Adidas F50 History and Evolution

Throughout the Adidas F50 history, Adidas has gone above and beyond to develop the lightest and most customizable boots on the market. The Adidas F50 was a pioneer in the soccer boot industry for using innovative materials and manufacturing techniques. The focus was to improve the speed and performance of the players wearing them, with … Read more