Indoor Soccer Shoes vs Volleyball Shoes | Best Guide

Indoor soccer and volleyball shoes are specifically designed for playing on indoor surfaces. Although the shoe design may seem similar, there are some key differences you need to be aware of. These could negatively or positively affect your performance. If you are an athlete who plays both sports and wondering whether you can wear one type of shoe for both, or need separate indoor shoes, this indoor soccer shoes vs volleyball shoe guide will give you a better idea!

Indoor Soccer Shoes Vs Volleyball Shoes | Quickly Summarized

Indoor soccer shoes and volleyball shoes are both designed for indoor sports, but they have different features and benefits.

Futsal shoes are typically lighter and more flexible, while volleyball shoes are typically heavier and more cushioned.

Here are the pros and cons of each shoe:

Indoor Soccer Shoes

  • Pros:
    • Lighter and more flexible for quick movement
    • Better ball control
    • More affordable
  • Cons:
    • Less cushioning for jumping and landing
    • Less support for the ankles

Volleyball Shoes

  • Pros:
    • More cushioning for jumping and landing
    • More support for the ankles
    • Better traction on all surfaces
  • Cons:
    • Heavier and less flexible for quick movement
    • More expensive

Typically it is best to wear the shoe for the sport you are playing, however, indoor soccer shoes are a good option to wear for volleyball.

Wearing an ankle brace while playing volleyball and indoor soccer shoes would be a great way to increase ankle support.

As a last resort, you can wear volleyball shoes for indoor soccer but if you play indoor soccer regularly then it would be best to wear a pair of indoor soccer shoes.

The difference between indoor soccer shoes and volleyball shoes

a yellow indoor soccer shoe vs a white and black volleyball shoe for comparison

Below is a table showing the differences between indoor soccer shoes and volleyball shoes:

FeatureIndoor Soccer ShoesVolleyball Shoes
SoleFlat, non-markingCushioned, supportive
WeightLightweightMedium weight
SupportLow supportHigh support
TractionGood traction on smooth surfacesGood traction on all surfaces
MovementQuick movementJumping and landing
Ankle supportLow ankle supportHigh ankle support
PriceMid-rangeMid-range to high-end
A table to show the differences between indoor soccer shoes and volleyball shoes

Indoor soccer shoes will be lighter and more flexible than volleyball shoes.

This is to help athletes have a great range of motion in the ankle, give them a close feel to the ground, and improve their ball control.

Volleyball shoes will be more rigid, with a wider and more cushioned sole.

This helps the athlete keep balanced and cushioned while jumping and landing, which will help prevent ankle and knee injuries.

Both of these shoes provide the athlete with a great grip on an indoor surface.

Frequently asked questions about futsal shoes and volleyball shoes

These are the most commonly asked questions about indoor soccer shoes vs volleyball shoes.

Can I use volleyball shoes for indoor soccer?

While you can use volleyball shoes for indoor soccer it is not recommended to do so.

The upper of a volleyball shoe was not been designed with the intention of kicking and striking a ball, this can ruin the upper of the volleyball shoe.

The volleyball shoe will also make it a lot harder to control and strike the ball cleanly.

Another reason why volleyball shoes are not suitable for soccer would be because of the wider and more cushioned sole and more rigid frame.

This significantly reduces the range of motion for the athlete and limits how effectively they can make multi-directional movements, and increase the chance of injury.

Can I use indoor soccer shoes for volleyball?

Yes, you can use indoor soccer shoes for volleyball, although they are not as good as volleyball shoes they make a great alternative.

The non-mark rubber sole of the indoor soccer shoe will provide the athlete with great grip and traction on the volley surface.

While the light and flexible design of the shoe can help with quick movements across the volleyball court

However, it is important to remember that the sole of indoor soccer shoes will not provide the athlete with as much cushioning as the volleyball shoe.

This can lead to a greater risk of ankle and knee injuries, due to the constant impact of jumping and landing on the indoor surface.

The sole of the soccer shoe also isn’t as wide as the volleyball shoe, meaning it won’t provide as much support and stability.

If you do decide to wear indoor soccer shoes for volleyball I recommend wearing these high-quality ankle braces.

Best indoor soccer shoes for futsal and volleyball

If you are looking for a pair of soccer shoes that is excellent on the futsal court and can be used for volleyball then I would recommend the Adidas Copa Sense.3 Indoor Soccer Shoes.

If you are looking at buying soccer cleats and don’t know where to start this is a comprehensive soccer cleats buying guide to make the process simpler

Here is a great buyer’s guide for volleyball shoes.

These are my reasons why:

  • Cushioning:

The midsole in The Copa Sense.3 is more cushioned than other indoor soccer shoes.

This reduces the impact of jumping and landing to athletes, which is a common feature in volleyball.

  • Support

The Copa Sense.3 has a supportive upper, manufactured with Primeknit to help keep the foot in place during sports.

This can help reduce ankle injuries while playing volleyball

  • Grip

The non-mark rubber is great at providing traction to athletes who need to make sharp changes on indoor surfaces.

This is especially important for volleyball players, as they need to constantly change directions.

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Final thoughts and recommendations

As a whole, I would say that wearing indoor soccer shoes for volleyball is a good alternative but wearing volleyball shoes for indoor soccer should be a last resort!

However, everyone’s situations are different, so these are the factors to take into consideration to decide what is best for you:

The level of futsal and volleyball you play at

If you are an athlete who plays either of these sports at the top level then I would recommend that you have the specific shoe for the respective sport.

Not only will you significantly reduce your chance of injury but the correct footwear can help optimise your performance.

On the other hand, if you are an athlete that plays at a lower level, then I would suggest getting a pair of indoor soccer shoes to play futsal or volleyball.

Try and find an indoor soccer shoe that offers a more cushioned midsole and provides more support to the ankle.

The frequency you play these sports

As well as taking into consideration the level of futsal and volleyball you are playing, you also need to take into consideration how frequently you participate in the sports.

If you are playing a low level of volleyball but play as frequently as you do in futsal and vice-versa then I would recommend getting indoor soccer and volleyball shoes.

In the long term, this can significantly reduce injuries and improve the longevity of your shoes as you are using them for their specific use.

If you play one of the sports occasionally, then wearing one pair of shoes for both sports should be ok.

Just beware of your risk of injury.

Previous injuries

If you are an athlete who has had previous ankle or knee injuries then I would strongly suggest wearing the appropriate footwear for the sport.

Especially in volleyball with the constant impact on your knees and ankles caused by jumping and landing.

Wearing the incorrect footwear increase your chances of picking up injuries that could have been easily avoided by wearing the correct footwear.

If you need extra support while playing this is a high-quality ankle brace and a high-quality knee brace.

Hopefully, this indoor soccer shoes vs volleyball shoes guide have given you a better understanding of the differences, benefits, and questions around the topic.

Thank you for reading and please share this guide with any athletes or parents who are in this dilemma.


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