Indoor Soccer Shoes vs Turf | Key Differences

Soccer is a global sport that can be played on a variety of different surfaces, whether it be indoors, on turf, or on grass. This means that players are often unsure of what shoes they should wear on each surface. Soccer shoes for Turf and grass can usually be played on either surface, but what about indoor soccer shoes? This Indoor soccer shoes vs Turf shoe guide will highlight the differences and answer whether or not turf shoes can be worn for indoor soccer and vice versa.

Indoor Soccer Shoes Vs Turf Shoes | Quickly Summarized

Indoor soccer shoes are designed for indoor courts, while turf shoes are designed for artificial turf.

The main difference between the two types of shoes is the sole.

Turf shoes have raised nubs or ridges on the sole for grip on artificial turf, while indoor soccer shoes have a flat, non-marking sole.

It is not recommended to wear indoor soccer shoes on turf.

This is because they will not provide the same level of traction as the nubs and ridges on turf shoes.

Wearing turf shoes on indoor courts is also not recommended.

This is because they can damage the court surface and are very dangerous for yourself and other players

The best way to choose the right type of soccer shoe is to consider the surface you will be playing on.

Wearing the correct soccer shoes for the surface will:

  • Help improve performance
  • Reduce the risk of injury
  • Prolong the life of the shoes.

The difference between indoor soccer shoes and turf shoes

a yellow indoor soccer shoe vs a pink and yellow soccer turf shoe for comparison

Indoor soccer shoes and turf shoes are incredibly similar in design, shape, and feel.

The table below highlights the similarities and differences between indoor soccer shoes and turf shoes.

FeatureIndoor Soccer ShoesSoccer Turf Shoes
OutsoleNon-marking, flat rubber sole or gum rubber sole with small, circular nubs for grip on indoor surfacesRubber or synthetic turf-specific outsole with multiple small, raised nubs or ridges for grip on artificial turf surfaces
UpperTypically made of synthetic materials that are lightweight and breathable, designed for enhanced ball control and touchAlso made of synthetic materials, but may have additional padding and support for increased durability and protection
TractionDesigned for quick, agile movements on flat, hard surfaces, with minimal traction to allow for smooth pivoting and turningDesigned for grip on artificial turf surfaces, with more traction and stability to help prevent slipping
ComfortOften designed with additional padding and cushioning for added comfort during prolonged use on hard indoor surfacesMay have additional support and cushioning for increased comfort during prolonged use on artificial turf surfaces
DurabilityNot typically designed for use on outdoor surfaces, but can last a long time if used exclusively indoorsDesigned specifically for use on artificial turf surfaces, with a durable outsole and upper that can withstand the wear and tear of regular use
CostGenerally less expensive than soccer turf shoes, with a wider range of price points availableTypically more expensive than indoor soccer shoes, with fewer options available at lower price points
A table to show the differences between indoor soccer shoes vs turf shoes

Frequently asked questions about indoor soccer shoes and turf shoes

These are the most commonly ask questions when it comes to indoor soccer shoes vs turf shoes.

Are turf and indoor soccer shoes the same?

No, turf and indoor soccer shoes are not the same.

One of the key differences between the 2 soccer shoes is the sole.

The sole on the indoor soccer shoe is made of a non-mark rubber gum that is great on hard surfaces such as hardwood or concrete.

On the other hand, turf shoes have specifically designed nubs and ridges that provide great traction for turf surfaces.

Turf shoes will also tend to be heavier than indoor soccer shoes, this is largely down to the nubs and ridges and tougher materials used.

Indoor soccer shoes will have a thinner and more breathable upper to help give the players a better feel of the ball when passing or striking.

Can indoor soccer shoes be worn on turf?

Yes, indoor shoes can be worn on turf, however, it is not recommended.

The non-mark sole of the Indoor shoes will not provide the same level of grip on a turf surface as they do on an indoor surface.

Playing on turf with your indoor soccer shoes will increase your risk of injury and negatively impact your performance.

This is because you are more likely to slip and fall over, putting your feet and ankles in more dangerous positions.

On top of this, the turf surface will wear away at the sole making the shoes less effective for indoor soccer and having to replace your indoor soccer shoes more frequently

What kind of shoes do you wear for indoor soccer?

It is best to wear indoor soccer shoes for indoor soccer, they are the same as futsal shoes.

They are the best choice to wear for indoor soccer because they have specifically designed non-marking rubber soles that are ideal for gym floors and polished concrete.

Futsal shoes are made of lightweight and breathable materials that allow the players to have a closer touch with the ball and feel for the ground while making sure the foot is comfortable in the shoe.

They are also flexible too, this allows the athlete a greater range of movement when pivoting, turning, and accelerating on flat, smooth surfaces.

Do turf shoes work indoors?

No, turf shoes do not work indoors.

Not only are turf shoes allowed indoors they are very dangerous to wear for the user and for other players on the court.

The nubs and ridges on turf shoes will provide no traction on a hard surface, increasing the chance of slipping and hurting yourself or another player.

The nubs and ridges on turf shoes will also damage the playing surface and the shoe itself,

This makes the surface more dangerous for other players.

As well as damaging the playing surface you will also damage the mold on your turf shoe and even potentially make them sharper or with rougher edges which could injure someone else

Final thoughts and recommendations

Although indoor soccer shoes and turf shoes share a lot of similar features, they serve two completely different purposes.

Indoor shoes should be worn for indoor soccer (futsal) only and turf shoes should be used for turf and firm ground.

If you are soccer an athlete who enjoys playing both types of soccer then it is strongly recommended that you wear the shoe that is appropriate for the surface.

These are the benefits of doing so:

  • Reduced risk of injury

As an athlete, you want to do everything possible to avoid unnecessary injuries.

Wearing indoor soccer shoes on a turf pitch or wearing turf shoes on an indoor court, significantly puts you at a higher risk of injuring yourself or another player.

  • Optimized performance

Wearing the correct soccer shoes for the surface will help improve your overall performance.

Each shoe has specifically designed features that will help aid movement, traction, ball control, and comfort for the surface you are playing on

  • Longevity of the shoes

Wearing the incorrect soccer shoe on each surface will actually damage the shoe quicker.

This is because you are not wearing the shoe for the intended purpose, and could end up spending more money replacing them than if you were to have a pair of futsal shoes and turf shoes.

Hopefully, this indoor soccer shoes vs turf shoes guide have given you a better understanding of the differences, benefits, and questions around the topic.

Thank you for reading and please share this guide with any athletes or parents who are in this dilemma.

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